Wednesday, 26 December 2018

Thank You Teacher!

My younger daughter Tania is known for being quite whacky. She is creative and imaginative. She brightens up our lives and her older sister Serena is besotted with her. Together they have long chats and discussions on a whole host of topics which I am not privy to.

Earlier in the year Tania expressed a desire for an accordion. It was not your typical instrument and I was unable to purchase one for her, not knowing much about them or how she was going to be able to use and play it.

However, her clarinet teacher Damon came up with a solution! He gave her his old Button Accordion - a miniature version of the instrument which was much easier to handle and had as much appeal as a real one.

In gratitude to this wonderful teacher I made this card:

It was made with off-cuts of paper and Stampin' Up Labels Collection dies.

I would like to take this opportunity to extend my gratitude and praise to all those teachers out there who go out of their way to encourage our children to grow and learn - your contributions make the world a joy to be in!

The last word - the card never got to Damon - it stayed at the bottom of Tania's school bag the whole semester and is now crumpled!

But thanks anyway, Damon! Sometimes the message of gratitude never reaches the one for whom it is intended, but it is real - acts of kindness change our hearts for the better.

Monday, 24 December 2018

Have a Merry Christmas 2018!

Reaching out to all of you out there who are having a challenging Christmas this year! Friends and family can be challenging for all of us but that's the price for having them fill our world - every interaction is precious for what it is! Resilience is absorbing the blows and bouncing back - like Kungfu Panda!

I hope this Christmas each of you will find love and connection through nature and the pursuit of the beautiful. And whatever life throws at you I hope you can face it with bravery and a smile, mindful that others have gone before you and more will follow after.

There is much joy in the simple things. Here in Melbourne it is summer and my jacaranda is flowering! This has inspired me to create a card that celebrates the purple flower!

Flowering Purple Jacaranda

Purple flowering jacaranda greeting card

I am hoping to give my cards away to a Church or some other charity. Giving back to the community through donating time or resources, or volunteering, has been shown to have many health benefits!

As for the card, it was made with the help of Stampin' Up Thoughts and Prayers stamp set.

Saturday, 22 December 2018

Uses of Sheet Music - a Christmas Tree!

Here is a cute use for sheet music that I like:

The card was made with a swirly embossing folder background and Christmas word dies. And the tree is a piece of sheet music which has been folded using the ancient art of Japanese origami! Let me show you how:


Start with a piece of sheet music cut to about 9 x 11.5 cm. I like to use one of a favourite Christmas carol!


Fold it down the middle to make a crease (a "mountain fold" as described in basic origami).


Unfold, turn over and fold the top corners in to the middle to make a triangle.


Fold the top edges of the triangle just created to make a more "tree-shaped" triangle.


Turn the creation over - it should look like this (it now has its top end pointing to the right). Fold in the two "bottom" corners into the centre to make that end triangular.


Now fold in the tip of the bottom end (bottom end pointing to the right this time).


Turn over, it should look like the above. Fold in the edges at the "bottom" end - this will make the "trunk" of the tree.

Fold in half again - another "mountain fold". Then fold the "trunk" end of the tree down about 3/4 and turn over:

To reveal the "Christmas Tree"!

You can also make this tree with a square piece of paper and there are instructions for this on the web here